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Dan DeGroat, Executive Director

- Dan DeGroat, Executive Director

"Christian camps are the most effective means

of reaching the most receptive hearts."™


We at Global Outreach Group are engaged in a worldwide endeavor that brings youth face to face with biblical truth, and does it in such a way that their response cannot be neutral . . . and the fruit is unparalleled. Let me show you why.

​We equip Christian leaders, particularly in the least-reached world, to use what we believe is the most effective means of reaching the most receptive hearts. This effective means is the temporary community of faith we call a Christian youth camp. Forget the old image that camp is merely church-in-the-woods, or a week of pranks and silly songs.

Actually, a Christian camp is a unique environment that replaces the troubling influences of secular culture with a loving community where truth is both verbally taught and modeled 24/7. Youth—those most receptive hearts—don’t just hear about the love of God. They experience it. Every day, all day, for a week—or even a month. (You see it now, don’t you)!


Think of it this way: There are 6 billion people on Earth. One-third of them—two billion—are children under the age of 15. That makes them the largest unreached people group in the world. Credible research and extensive observation have shown us that children between the ages of 4 and 14 are the most receptive to the Gospel. We call this age The 4/14 Window, and it transcends political, geographical, tribal, gender, and ethnic boundaries.

Camps bring Truth to the 4/14 Window. Camp is a safe place for extended living together. There kids are cared for by trained, committed leaders who teach about Christ while at the same time modeling His character. At camp, the truth of God’s word has time to take root and grow. This is why we say: "A Christian camp is the most effective means of reaching the most receptive hearts."

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