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We equip Christian camping leaders worldwide by bringing the training to them. We believe the future of missions is equipping indigenous leaders in their homeland. For too long, well-meaning Westerners have entered a country foreign to them and unintentionally built a ministry around themselves and their Western distinctives.  Global Outreach Group has a different approach.


We may initiate a training event where we have identified a need in a strategic region of the world, or where we have been called on to help provide training. In these cases, we always begin by prayerfully seeking a “champion” from that region who has the passion for Christian camping, the skill to lead, and the proven ability to bring resources together to achieve noble goals.

After both parties are comfortable with the new relationship, we go in listening. Every training event is, from the start, a joint effort between Global Outreach Group and the individuals or organizations we covenant together with to provide the training. Both sides bring something of value to the table: local leaders provide insight into their opportunities and culture, and we customize training and provide the requested expertise.

That expertise is primarily the teaching done by skilled instructors we invite to join the training team. They have extensive experience in camping ministry, and the proven ability to communicate it. Once the training content is jointly agreed upon, we help the outgoing teaching team prepare for their trip. For more about opportunities, click  "CONNECT WITH US" below.

Examples of typical training topics:

Camp Program Development │ Strategic Planning │ Staff Recruitment, Roles, Training, & Supervision │ Camp Safety, First Aid, CPR │ Tent Camping │ Trip Camping │ Resident Camping │ Experiential Learning │ New Games & Activities │ Bible Lesson Preparation & Delivery │ Learning Styles of Children and Youth │ Social Styles │ Site & Facility Design │ Biblical Leadership │ Fund Raising │ Marketing & Promotion │ Budget & Planning │ Risk Management​.

Outgoing instructors cover 100% of their expenses. The participants in the countries where we host training events sacrifice just to get themselves to the training; there is no way they could be charged enough in conference fees to cover the airfare and other costs of foreign instructors. Global Outreach Group helps both the teachers and the participants prepare well; including cross-cultural readiness, an extensive what-to-bring list, and assistance with immunizations, passports, visas, and travel arrangements. So, for the “goers”, it is a sacrificial labor of love. One instructor said it this way, “I thought I was going in to bless them, but you know something? I’m the one who received the greater blessing! I want to go back again.”

"CONNECT WITH US" below to learn more about how you can be involved.

"Having worked with Global Outreach for many years and seen the results in Russia and Latin America, I believe that Global Outreach provides one of the highest returns on investment of any Christian ministry I know." - Donald German

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