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Global Outreach Group

 24651 County Rd. 448

Van, TX  75790  USA


Phone: (903) 569-6508

Fax: (903) 569-1521


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Looking for training?

If you represent Christian camping in a country outside of the USA, and you are seeking camp-specific leadership training, you are welcome to contact us at Global Outreach Group. We can explore together your needs and current opportunities. We may be able to help you directly, or introduce you to excellent training you may not be aware of that is already available in your area.

Thinking about joining a training team?

Could that be God who is stirring your heart to impart your camping expertise to leaders in the least-reached world? Does “from everyone who is given much, much will be required”  keep coming to mind? Would you like to just talk to somebody about it—without obligation?


We mobilize experienced Christian camping leaders who have the ability to teach others. We match your expertise to the training needed. If there is a fit, next steps involve looking at places and dates, the trip budget, and how others have found the funds to go. We’ll talk about cross-cultural issues, and practical things like passport, visas, immunizations, and  “what to bring.” You provide the skill and the will. We set you up for success and help you along the way.

Want to support a training event, trainer or trainee?

Can’t get away yourself? Consider this: No one goes without being underwritten. Both “goer” and “sender” are vital, and get to share the rich blessing of young lives reached with the Gospel of our Savior (who was, by the way, the ultimate cross-cultural traveler sent by his father). Your financial and prayer support as a sender can open the door for a goer. The two of you do it together—you send, they go, leaders gain. Win/Win/Win.

Please DONATE ONLINE below to make a tax-deductible gift. It might be someone from the USA, or even a local leader in their own homeland who has much to offer but just can’t get there (and there are dozens of leaders like that).

​Want to talk about it first?  Call us:  903 569 6508.

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